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As a wedding photographer I might sound biased but honestly I believe the following is true: Your wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors at your wedding. So how do you begin to choose one? What should you be looking for? Well, here are some tips you should know:

Decide what style of photography you are looking for.

If you don’t know a photographer or haven’t been referred to one, then decide what style of photography you are looking for first when searching online. Are you looking for traditional, photojournalism or maybe even both styles of photography? You might want a fashion style photographer or maybe just a simple lifestyle one. Once you figure out which style you prefer, you can eliminate options that way.

Interview Prospective Photographers.

Once you decide on a style and have possibly chosen a few, then it’s best to interview your photographer face-to-face. If logistically, it’s not possible, then Skype works well too. By meeting in person or via Skype you’ll be able to see what kind of character and personality your photographer has. I can’t stress this enough and I say this to every couple: it’s extremely important that you be connect with your photographer from the moment you meet. You need to feel comfortable so you can establish a trusting relationship since your photographer will be at your side almost the entire day.

Schedule an Engagement Session
Once you’ve decided on your photographer, I highly recommend to have an Engagement Portrait session. I ask my clients to do this even though they may not want to do anything with those images. It will benefit you to see how your photographer interacts with you. A seasoned photographer will show you why some poses work and why some don’t. Consider it an educational session too if you’re not familiar with being professionally photographed. It also benefits the photographer to get to know who you are as a couple so that way your expectations can be determined in advance. This will definitely build the trust in each other and make your wedding day flow much smoother. Clients are always glad they have an engagement session. We get an opportunity to get to know each other and this in turn helps me focus on various aspects of their wedding based on what they share with me and what I learned about them.

Expectations & Contract
It’s important for you to know what it is that you are looking for in your photos. Do you want the ceremony shot in full? Do you want special attention on a certain detail or tradition? Do you want lots of family photos? You need to know what you are expecting to get and ensure all agreed product and service details are stipulated in your contract. Make sure that you are honest and upfront with your photographer. It is important that your contract includes what you ask for and also understand what you and your photographers’ “rights” are to the images.

Enjoy & Relax
Often times, couples are stressed and worried about all the details of the wedding, rightfully so, but it is important that you stop and enjoy each moment of the wedding. It’s the photographer’s job to capture those special moments that are gone too quickly and if you’re worried about every detail, those moments may be harder to capture. Once you have decided and connected with your photographer, consider him or her a friend. This person will be capturing the most important day of your life and in having your photographer as a friend, this allows you to be more relaxed and comfortable on your big day. Keep in mind, photos will last forever and it is important to value this part of your wedding as an investment.

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