Preparing for your PHOTOSHOOT

For our Brides & Grooms on their Engagement Session:
-You want to look as much like yourself, as possible, so be sure to conisder that when picking our your outifits, make-up, and hair styles.
-Select a place for your engagement session that you both love and that has some importance to you.
-Pick clothing that is subtle, and not too loud. Stay away from loud prints, and overly bright colors.
-Try to compliment one anothers' outfits. Picking outfits that are too different, creates an unbalanced photo.
-Be yourselves, and let us direct your posing. We guarantee this will create more natural, beautiful photography.

For Lifestyle Photography:
-Be true to yourself and the lifestyle you are hoping to portray in your images.
-Choose clothing that compliments one another if you are being photographed with your family or partner.
-Pick a location that is condusive to the image you are hoping to create.
Enjoy this session, because it creates a more interesting and creative outcome.